If not, please recommend me another one tool, my car is Chevrolet Tahoe year. How to read? A4: Yes, it does. After selecting the car model, enter function menu, and you will find the VIN number reading option. I have problems with the windshield wipers, the tire pressure control system and the cruise control. Is that tool able to read the trouble codes and to read some parameters regarding those controllers?

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Tech Service Part1. I have java version 6 update 12 running. If its the right card uploaded in your tool card then go Security and do it, try Java v 6. Do you have it or not installed the SAAB v To replace DC to DC converter can avoid unpleasant surprises.

So, sort this out. The square dedicated native voltage Stabilizer, black spots, this is how it is better to feed on, immediately giving to drink block, then the main Board gently giving to drink lagged behind in her legs.

Feedback 2: C5 has the built in ability to pull vehicle specific DTC's right in the DIC and those can be exceptionally helful in diagnosing and correcting common C5 issues. There are a number of functions in addition to diagnostic trouble shooting that can be accomplished with the Tech II. I feed the 12volt from the sigaretteholder into the end of the OBD cable.

It can mess with the ground reference if it is powering the TECH2 while connecting to the vehicle. Possible Reason 2: If your battery gets a little low then the Tech2 will start having problems. The Tech2 itself can be a bit of a drain. If your key is on then you have day time running lights and accessories being powered as well. It is better to have a battery charger connected and start with a full charge. Possible reason 4: The parts has defect.

BTW, you can buy from obd2eshop. SP which are reliable. Steps: Hook up Tech II, turn car on, make sure module in the rear is plugged in. Do not unplug the rear module. Use Tech 2 to delete the F45 option F55 does not appear on the menu screen, use F Save new configuration. Do not turn car off, do not remove Tech 2. Go to the module in the rear of the car, unplug the grey connector the widest one , leave any other plug s in.

Turn off car, leave Tech 2 plugged in. Remove remaining plugs from module in the rear of car. Never plug the connectors back in. Had it in less than a week. And the data disks.. Please perform a software download or a security access to refresh your license. Meanwhile vehicle communication and CANdi detection is disabled. Which cable you using Probably with PassThru. Digit after the lock bottom part screen show you how many days you have licence to use. If you using GlobalTIS v licence will be for 1 day 24hr , after expired licence you must send again.

This will run Security Access wizard. When its main window is displayed click on the button Next. Inside the bracket you see the number of days the license is valid. When you startTech2Win again the security indicator is not displayed as long as no vehicle communication isbeing performed. During the first communication with a vehicle the license will be checked and theindicator displays either an open or closed lock. Tech2Win bin files:.


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