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Nom:fnaire yed el henna
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Marrakchi Fnaïre youth carrying a positive message for youth here and abroad. Known for their unique style 'Traditional Rap' which highlights our cultural heritage, as in the song "Sadat and Matkich Blade".

In during their trip patriotic and cultural Mohcine, Khalifa and Achraf met Abel Damoussi passionate they extended the hand of Henna "Yed El Henna" the hand of love and dedication they have all decore for two years with the help of many artists. In the main prope message "Yed El Henna" is a book and it's all of us to spread by the fete. Yed El Henna is primarily the story of an encounter between a poet and a talented group of musicians: the Fnaïre Moroccan lantern made famous by their traditional rap.

One, Abel Damoussi, mania inspired the words of our daily lives and our spirituality, others Mouhssine, Khalifa Ashraf brew and rhythms drawn from our heritage, Issaoui, Gnawa, Sahraoui Everything we reconcile with our Moroccan. Some already compare the Fnaïre Nass El Ghiwane today.

More than an album, the latest opus of Fnaire is a journey through our culture of yesterday and today. Just close your eyes and be transported to the heart of a diverse Morocco full of messages of love and peace, where authenticity is synonymous with solidarity. While catchy and sound sensitivity Yed El Henna, a symbol of good conscience, is aimed primarily at young people in many benchmarks.

The 12 tracks on the album shot to twist the clichés and complexes of the east and west. In the song "Tajine el loughate" correct title which blends words here and elsewhere, the message is clear and full of humor no matter the language used, it is to speak and be proud of its plurality.

Yed El Henna is still a product made in Morocco, from the masteurisation the album which was made in London Nearly sixty musicians have participated in this great adventure that took more than two years of hard work before seeing the light of day. Yed El henna, a contemporary album to listen without moderation, especially if you have nostalgia for the poetic Morocco where the taste of the feast is still there.


Fnaire-Yed El Henna



Fnaire فناير